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Vape Talk / Vape tards
« on: April 27, 2016, 02:06:09 PM »
I just met one. I ended up telling him to stfu for real.
I was standing outside an office building and he spotted me from like 100ft away.
He comes up and just starts babbling about my mod and atomizer and how this or that is better and about battery safety and all this other fucking stupid shit. Most of it was wrong, but I didn't even care bout that. I just wanted him to shut the fuck up.

Vape Talk / Cotton
« on: March 23, 2016, 06:56:57 PM »
Is it pretty much all the same? I need more because the stuff that came with my 2 attys is almost gone.
The local faget hangout has "UD Youde Japanese Organic Cotton - Koh Gen Do."

Wtf is wrong with these assholes?

Vape Talk / Batteries
« on: February 04, 2016, 07:13:20 PM »
So what are you guys using?
I've been using those LG HG2's for a few months now and they work pretty damn good. I got them at vapenw, but just discovered this place in PA that has a bunch of decent batteries for cheaper, with less shipping.

$5/ea for those samsung 25rs is pretty decent.

Vape Talk / Lemo 2
« on: April 12, 2015, 11:51:08 AM »
I just ordered one. I'm gonna have it before kase does unless he orders one today. That bitch is gonna be so jealous.
Kase, if you order one now, you can avoid the embarrassment and we can be butt buddies.

Vape Talk / Isticks and Gayfun
« on: December 29, 2014, 09:19:05 PM »
I noticed that with the gayfun on the istick (russian and tobeco), I would get an intermittent "atty short" or "no atty" error. It happened maybe twice a day. I had to have the adjustable pins on the gayfuns screwed out a good bit to make the right contact.

So I got an idea. I took one of those little o-rings from one of the gayfun kits and wrapped it around the center post on the istick. It's tricky (I used 2 syringe needles), but once it pops on, it will raise the post slightly and insulate underneath it. 
No more issues and the pin is higher,  cushioned, and springy.

DIY Juicin / Tobacco Absolute
« on: December 26, 2014, 04:47:00 PM »
So I got a quarter ounce of the TA from onestopdiyshop.
I put like 5 or 6 thick drops of the pure shit (from a stick) into about 5mls of everclear.
Then I put about 5 drops of that concoction into about 10mls of juice.
It's definitely got TA flavor. Lol...

So how the fuck do you guys usually measure this shit? Just trial and error?

Vape Talk / Clean your mech mod
« on: August 24, 2014, 07:49:01 PM »
I wipe the outside of my mod from time to time, but I never think to clean the internals (button, posts, threads, lockring, etc).
Well my kylin had been working a bit shittily lately and I was even occasionally burning my finger through the button.
Tonight I cleaned everything with some "barkeeper's friend" and sanded the pins smooth.
Unbelievable difference.

So if you haven't done it in a while, do it. I hadn't cleaned/sanded mine since I bought it.

Vape Talk / Batteries 2
« on: August 19, 2014, 02:14:04 PM »
I didn't want to bump the old batteries thread, but maybe I should have.

So what are you people using? I've found that those efest 18500s work good but only last a few months before considerable capacity loss (at least in subohm stuff). I think mamu may have warned me about that after I already ordered them. :D

So I ordered a couple AW ones from rtd. (I didn't know they were in PA, btw. I ordered yesterday and got them today which is fucking sweet)
 I will report back with my findings vs. the  efest ones. AW are roughly twice the price and twice the amp rating.

So what experience do you guys have with batteries? What works good, lasts long, etc?

Vape Talk / HCigar Nemesis Clone
« on: October 29, 2013, 10:30:23 PM »
So I've been using this thing for like 5 days straight now. It's a pretty damn good mod and it hits fucking great.

I noticed that sedate was talking about getting a mech mod, and I'd say this is one of the best (if not the best) cheap clones on the market. It's like $45 in the states.

The only thing that I originally had issues with was the switch being rough. But get it adjusted correctly and it's pretty sweet. I still plan on polishing it, but it's working good now.

Silver plated contacts, nice thin caps, stainless, adjustable center pin, adjustable switch, and it has adjustable air draw built in (first mod I've ever had where I could flush mount my A7. No shit).
It also takes just about any battery configuration you would want, too, including an 18650/kick if you feel so inclined. Plus, it looks really nice.  I was pleasantly surprised.

Maybe I'll take some queer pictures of it tomorrow or something. :D

Vape Talk / Hemp Thread
« on: October 27, 2013, 01:51:30 PM »
We should have our own thread about this, right? 

As some of you know, I've been fucking with it lately.  Well, actually, I made a wick out of hemp fiber once last night and it works pretty good.

I bought the hemp fiber from Ebay because it was $6.50 shipped for a pretty decent sized bag. It says it's a cordage making kit or some shit.  Located HERE
The only other place I found it was at hemp warehouse/amazon and you had to buy a whole kilo of the shit for $15 and the shipping was another $15. 
2.3lbs is a lot of fucking fiber.
I don't know if what I got (just labeled 100% hemp fibers) is the same as the "100% degummed soft hemp fiber", but I would speculate that it is. I don't really care. It looks the same, though. 

I also have some 12-strand hemp yarn on the way. We'll see how that works. I bought 15ft of it like a faget on etsy for $5 shipped.

Anyway, back to the hemp fiber:

I boiled it for 40mins. 20mins/changed water/20mins. I boiled it in a stainless sauce pan and I put 3 stainless spoons on top of it to keep it submerged. Then I let it air dry overnight, spreading it out a bit as it dried.  I think it worked out pretty good.
It does look a bit lighter now after boiling it, but it may be my imagination.
My wife asked me if I was making a wig out of it. Then she told me to get my wig off her counter. Then she started picking it up and playing with it. I asked her if her hands were clean because I didn't want any weird flavors on my goddamn wick.
She said she'd had her hands down her pants all morning.  I lol'd.

It does look like a wig, though.

I simply cut a piece off with some scissors, twisted it up a bit, threaded it through a 1.2ohm 28g micro coil, trimmed it, and vaped it.

It tasted like hemp rope for an hour or two, but slowly subsided. Today it tastes ok. When I change to a fresh battery, I can taste it a little bit again.
I'm using it in a kayfun lite clone (russian 91) and it wicks pretty damn well.  I was pleasantly surprised. I like it better than silica, but I'd imagine it will burn pretty good if it goes dry. Surely not as bad or as nastily as cotton burns, though, I wouldn't think. 

This bag should last me a long damn time. 

I originally wanted to try hemp because I suspected that MAYBE silica was giving me a scratchy throat sometimes.
And I didn't really like the fact that I was always getting silica dust all over my hands and attys.

Is this any better for you? I don't fucking know. Do I look like a space ciggy wick scientist doctor?   

Vape Talk / Nemesis Clone Switch
« on: October 26, 2013, 09:01:48 PM »
I noticed that it's a bit crunchy (not very smooth). It's my only complaint with the mod so far.

So I took the switch apart and cleaned it (planning to maybe polish the internals) and I noticed something.... 

The large spring doesn't sit inside the groove on the brass part of the switch.

So I stretched the circumference of the spring out so it now sits inside the groove (where it looks like it should go) and the switch feels a hell of a lot better now.

Someone with a nemesis clone needs to check this out and confirm that I'm not crazy. 

Vape Talk / Nano/Micro Coil Nonsense
« on: October 26, 2013, 10:33:23 AM »
I wanted to make a new coil in my A7 this morning, so I decided to try and make one of those nano/micro coil things (or whatever the fuck they're called).  You know, the ones you see on the internets.

I took some 28g kanthal and wrapped it 10x on a big fucking needle.  I believe it's a 14g needle (whatever size I sent you, junque, the big one).
I took the coil off the needle,  pinched it together with some tweezers and torched it. 
The coil stuck together really tight.
Then I attached it to my A7. It wasn't really hard to get in there, but the coil was sorta big and the wire a little thick so it was tricky. Maybe took me 3-5mins to get it perfect.
Then I dry burned the coil and checked resistance. 1.4ohms.
I torched a 2mm piece of silica and slid it into the coil, leaving the ends down in the juice well. Easy peasy, but it bugged me because it seemed a bit loose in the coil. Doubling up the wick was way too big to get it in there, so I just left the single piece.

I dripped some camel on the coil, got the wick nice and wet, and fired it at 9w. No hot spots or anything so I turned it up to 10W.

It's making some huge fucking vapor. Flavor is quite good, too.
But there's a lot of vapor. I could only take like 4 hits before my head was swimming. WTF.
Now I want to hit it more, but it's too much nic.

The only thing I did notice, though, was that it sizzles/pops a bit more. I  mean.... you can tell it's starting to get dry just based on the popping. Maybe that will subside a bit? I dunno.

So there's something to this faget micro/nano coil thing or whatever.  :D

Vape Talk / Tank Attys
« on: October 20, 2013, 06:24:27 PM »
So doc's talk about the kayfun and the russian 91% have me interested.

I have an old DID clone and an A7, but the DID sucks and the A7 is not only long but it's a dripper. I'm trying to get away from that if possible.

So I sorta need an adjustable draw.
And a bit of capacity.
And obviously no leaking.
And I really like the looks of the russian 91 and kayfun.

So what should I get that isn't super expensive or ugly as shit?  Any other ideas? Experiences with certain ones (good or bad)?

Vape Talk / Itaste MVP Ver2.0
« on: October 09, 2013, 09:44:41 PM »
Since Frank warned me not to get an MVP, I went ahead and got one.  $47 shipped on ebay. I got a black one.
I will update this thread with shit that I do and don't like, failures of any kind, etc.

I've only had it for like 2hrs. It vapes good. It works with all the shit I've put on it, including evods (ego/510 threaded). 
It seems to show ohm values a little bit high (.2 high), so it looks like it doesn't compensate for internal resistance. Oh well. Doesn't really bother me.
It only goes to 5v or 11w. If you vape dual coils, it may be an issue for you. Same if you vape single coils above 3ohms or so. Doesn't bother me because it's hitting hard with my 2.8ohm A7 and the supplied "iclear 16" 2ohm dual coil thing. I have it set on 9W for the dc because it burns it at 11. 9W is warm and plenty of vapor, though.
The thing is heavier than I expected. Fine by me, but I was sort-of hoping it was lighter so I could carry it in a chest pocket more comfortably. Oh well. It feels fucking solid, which is good.
It charges using micro USB. Same as my phone. Very nice.
When you set it upright, it wobbles some because the output power selector switch (for charging things off the mod) protrudes a bit. I just pushed on the edges of the switch with a stick and now it's flush. No more issue.
I haven't tested really the battery life, but it's still showing 4.1V like it did when I opened it 2hr ago. More on that later.

Biggest cons that I've read about.....
Fire button is hard to press: Yeah, it sort-of is. It's tight and clicky. It doesn't really bother me, but I am hoping it will loosen up just a little bit. If it doesn't, oh fucking well, but people say that it does. Not nearly as hard to press as people made it out to be.
Menu is weird: Yeah, it sort-of is. But it's easy as fuck to use. Hold the watts button and it switches to watts mode to allow you to turn up the watts. Hold the voltage button and it does the same. Push both of them together and it shows you the resistance of your atty (quickly, too, I might add). Hold them both down and you get the battery charge voltage. Easy as fuck to use/figure out as soon as you pick the thing up.

I'm hoping this sonofabitch lasts me 2 days of vaping, but 2600mah is a stretch.
However, considering that it charges with micro-USB and you can vape while charging and I have micro-usb ports every-fucking-where for my phone, I think it should be charged indefinitely.  If not, it will be charging on my night stand beside my phone every night. 
The iclear 16s that came with it actually aren't terrible. They're a dual coil mini-vivi nova type clearomizer thing. They are dry-ish but vapable. Dryer and shittier as you use up the juice. Typical top coil, but slightly better than most.

Size comparison with 18650 provari.

Vape Talk / My Dbox Puritank Issue......
« on: July 29, 2013, 08:46:55 PM »
Is solved.

I posted a thread over on VF about how every time I screwed down my new puritank (on every mod I have), you couldn't draw from it at all. Like it was sealed.

Tonight I got to thinking. You know the little rubber insulator on the end of the evod heads? Well... when you tighten down the tank on your mod, the center post squashes that little rubber insulator against the inside of the air tube and it blocks all the flow to the upper air holes.
Take the center post out of the end of the head, use a pair of scissors to cut the edge off the rubber insulator so it's slightly smaller and it will work fine like mine now is.

I had genuine kanger heads as well as knock-offs. Both did the same thing. Now the draw is fine (well, it's a little tight...:D) and the tank is tightly screwed down on the mod.  It works pretty good, too, but I'm not 100% sure about the quality of the 510 threads. I would suggest getting an extra base if you decide to get a puritank. I think they're like $3.

I can't believe that the vendor had never run into this problem, nor could I find any mention of it on any of the forums.
I would assume that if you have a tight draw on your puritank and it's not ideal for you, just shave down the insulator and it will loosen it up.

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