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<100 lines of disclaimers that mean nothing deleted>

Post stuff and enjoy.  Moderation will be at a bare minimum.

A couple thing more specific things I am adding 6/12/2013 though I have asked this all along and folks have cooperated nicely.  Guess this is the closest thing we have to rules now.

-  Please keep obscene pictures\vids in the Black Hole section of the boards, which are only available to registered members.

-  Please don't post anything that will get me or you tossed in prison.

-  Vendors, you may post ads and announcements in the vendors subforum.  Don't spam your stuff anywhere else.  There will be no vendor-specific forums, vendor moderation, or advertising otherwise allowed.  Identify yourself as VENDOR somehow in the personal text in your profile.  There are no other requirements to sell here, you don't need to contact anyone.


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