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Reviews / The punisher 80
« on: November 17, 2015, 07:25:23 PM »
OK, I've not talked to Dovpo in almost a year and out of the blue they sent me this so I opened and used it today mostly with my Mutation V2. A 20g vertical .1Ω sleeper and using a fresh purple 35a, 2500mAh Efest.  I ran it at 69watts for a good 6 hours and went through 15ml or so before plugging it in to charge. It seems to be charging damn fast with the battery in the unit via USB. When it's done, I'll check the battery with my fluke. It was reading 2.9v @ 69w, quick ramp up time at that wattage. I'm pretty impressed especially for a single 18650 mod. It does get a bit warm and I've not tried the TC feature cuz I'm half in the bag and don't wanna wrap a fucking nickel coil but that's one thing I didnt like much about my vaporshark.... It just seemed like even at .1Ω and maxed @ 40w, it needed more powa and the battery died hellafast.  It's teflon coated like the VS, has a nice  magnetic battery cover. Its more comfortable to hold than my sharks also. I'll try it with a lemo v2 and my Aspire triton tomorrow and see how it fares at higher ohms and lower wattages but so far its fairly impressive, IMO.

 Unfuck you in advance to kase, sedateme, Ac0j or anyone else with some lame ass, worn out, vendor dick sucking reviewer comment. Do something different like posting pics of your wife's funbags......

It has a tank in the kit too but it looks like something that faget kase would suck on so I'll prolly just trade it for some weed or maybe I'll piss in it and mail it to him....

Vape Talk / Damn, this is one expensice IPV3 at MVS
« on: May 28, 2015, 12:26:51 PM »
I mean, wow...My Vapor Store...is this bastard solid Gold or what?


Vape Talk / Kanger releases pictures of its new SUBOX kit
« on: May 20, 2015, 10:49:39 AM »

google it, ya lazy cods.....

Classys / FS/FT Evolv powered dna40 temp control Vaporshark.
« on: April 20, 2015, 01:07:51 AM »
As I stated when I first got this and wrote my first review, it was a toss up because I really wanted a flask badly like pbusardo has but I knew how tuff the vaporsharks are because I have several of them and I'm hard on mods. I've kicked my first rnda's ass and it still works great.   Well, This bitch is just about brand new, still in the box. It comes with the clamshell box, Charging cable and LG battery if you wish. I will even toss in a decent length of Ni200 28g nickel wire for you, if you don't have any Ni200 so you can build a temperature settable and check out just how cool the temperature control is. The flavor is unbelieveab eBuilding with Nickel is like butter, its so smooth and the flavor is remarkable. I'm only letting this go because I'm getting another DNA40 temp control device, I want a flask badly. It will fire as low as .1ohm and as high as 4.9ohms and it will go as high as 6-700 degrees? I will trade for a dna40 vapor flask or I'll sell it outright for 160 bucks, shipping included. That's over 30 bucks off and all I did was open and test it for a couple days. I have google wallet and cash check or money order will also suffice, no paypa please. I dont do PP, they screwed me over 10+ years ago and I swore I'd never use Gaypal again.I have babied this mod, it's flawless. I just figured I should sell or trade it for a flask before i use it too long and scratch or scuff it because its only a matter of time. I'm gonna put it away until I get a reply Here are some pics. my email is Vaticvapor@gmail if you want to email me directly. Here's some pics. Thanks for looking, Have a great day!

Its absolutely Flawless and I hate to let it go,I just know that I have 2 other vaporsharks but I dont have a vapor flask and I'll have a Evolv dna40 vapor flask soon. :D WOOT WOOT!!!

With my Troll atop the beast,

my first ni200 single coil.

my second build  dual coil .12ohms.  best flavor I've ever tasted.  This device is definitely for flavor chasers.

That's right....1 watt.....1-40watts 200-600 in 10 increments.

Its the real deal....not some fake 40 watt clone, see the temperature meter?

those marks are scuffs on the case. there isnt a single scratch on the mod, its flawless.

the vid I just shot.

Feel free to reply here or email me. vaticvapor@gmail.com I am located in the middle of Ohio so I can mail to anywhere within 2-3 days max.

Reviews / Mod clips? No ECLYPs!! from www.eclyp.com
« on: April 19, 2015, 06:13:30 PM »
Thanks to Doomz David for posting the link so I could email the owner and work my magic....Let me ass you something...

  Are you tired of carrying your mod around in your pocket? Tired of it getting all scratched up from keys, change and other shit in your pocket too?   Are you tired of losing your mod or sitting it down and not remembering where it is? would you like to free up a hand or valuable pocket space with your e-cig / mod / PV / space ciggy thingie?
                                                             Well, have I got the product for you!!

                                                             THE ECLYP from WWW.ECLYP.COM

   Made from a space age polymer plastic and fabricated in a high tech facility, some are even formed to resemble carbon fiber! How cool is that?! They come in a wide variety of styles, colors, sizes and designs. (the ego clip is even made out of pot metal and looks almost like a 70's style pen clip!!) They are THE coolest thing to come along since the Mod claw!  Now, you can hook your PV directly onto your belt, purse strap, pocket or even the sun visor in your lime green, teenie bopper attracting, hot rod, shaggin' wagon!!  You too can now be just like a real, bonafide, spaceciggys member, who probably also happens to love double fisting PBRs and or drinking alcohol and using big, fancy words out of context!
  HEY, They would also make a great gift for that vaping friend or family member of yours that's always losing their mod. ( we all have one )... Now they can just clip it on their person and always know where it is.....Always know where YOUR mod is with the Eclyp!!!

Most Eclyp's come with a 510 extension, a foam padding gromet and the clip itself.   All this for under 10 dollars!! Act now, tell them that Vatic sent you and they just may toss in a free eclyp at no additional cost!!! Okay, that last part was a lie but just look how BADASS they are!  I'll post a video review in a week or so after I've used this amazing invention to see just how well it holds up!!

You gotta have at least one.  I got half a dozen or so sent to me!

I think I'm using this one wrong but it works, I shook it and it didn't slide a millimeter.....great product...

And I know there's quite a lot of you that still use ego style devices.....check it!

I've got 3 vaporsharks now. The first one is the one that has an internal 1200mAh battery and the DNA30 chip, the second is my rDNA 30, 18650 mod ( the one that has the screw in the back plate designed by Satin himself ) and tinally the rDNA 40watt with temperature control.  The video I'm going to post is just a little discussion about the rDAN30 and rDNA40.  I found out that you can send in the old rDNA and they'll upgrade it to the 40watt chip with temp control and send you back your  upgraded unit with your old DNA30 board. I still don't know ifI shoulda got the flask or not.

Here's the Vaporflast...its 300 bucks. The damn things been cloned already for a quarter of the price but I'm afraid the temperature control will suck, LOL. http://shop.vaperev.com/rebuildables/not-allowed-for-coupon-discount/black-anodized-vapor-flask-v2-dna-40.html

here's my 6 min Vid.

Reviews / The Dovpo Mini from Cvapor Video review.
« on: April 17, 2015, 10:49:17 AM »
Yea yea.  My short and to the point follow up video review of this single 18650 mini 50 watt mod.

This mod is 60ish or so bucks....
if your interested the coupon code DOVPO12OFF will save you some $$

Reviews / The Flash V3 and tutorial build.
« on: April 12, 2015, 04:39:45 PM »
This is an interesting RBTA that I got from gearbest. Its sort of like an upside down Genesis. I've never seen anyone build a parallel on one so thats what I tried the first time.  Turned out great after I finally got it finished.  Here's my half-ass tutorial on how to build it. #Eatadick

This is how it comes, in a nice carrying case with loads of extra O rings, screwdriver, Different sized air hole screws, clear tube....bla bla bla..

1st.  Build your stupid coil. mine came out like this.

1.5ndstth-ish Wick it & Make sure you cover the screws. You'll see why later and wet the wick. This coil is backwards which pissed me off. I had to take it off an turn it around. See the next pic if you give a shit why.

2nd. Make sure that you wrap your coil facing the little nub I'm pointing to with my ceramic tweezers because the changeable size air hole is on that side and this is how it all goes together. Had I left it the other way, the only air hole would have been covered with cotton not very conducive to producing vapor. Note the notch in the cap that corresponds.

3rd. Pop on the cap/next segment and insert wicks, I'm using silica cuz it came with the damn thing but I'm sure you can use cotton. Snip them off flush with the top of the cap. and wet them with e-liquid. There is already wicks in mine,I'm just holding up the silica next to the cap to show you "This is too fk'ing much" You'll wanna use about half that depending on how you wicked your coil and what coil you built. The wick holes are directly over the screws, this is why I suggest to cover the screws with cotton but do what ever the hell you want.

4th.  Now your ready to Fill up the tank, do this just like any other bottom coil tank and fill it up to the ring on the chimney with juice. I'm using 80%Vg

5th and last.  Screw it together and your ready to promptly stuff it in your anus.....or put it on a device and use it to produce vapor see if i care..

If your interested, This RBA is 15 bucks without a coupon. here's the link.  If I get a coupon, I'll pass it along.

Reviews / The Dovpo Mini 50Watt mod
« on: April 12, 2015, 01:47:37 PM »
More vapemail!!! This beauty came from from www.Cvapor.com  From the company that made the water resistant E-LVT and the dual 18650 E-Mech, now we have the "Mini 50watt mod" by Dovpo.  It's small, about the same size as the cloupor mini. This mod is aircraft Aluminum and will go from 7 to 50 watts. It also has a gold plated positive pin, sliding, magnetized back cover so there is no need for screws.  Single 18650, will fire as low as .2 and as high as 4.9Ω. Max output is 17amps.  Its size is 83mm x 39mm x 24mm. The screen will turn off after 10 seconds and the device will auto shut itself off after 5 minutes of non use. Reverse polarity battery protection, overheating protection, short circuit and over current protection. Charging time through mini USB is about 3hrs.  Pretty straight forward, self explanatory and powerful! I love the black and silver cut look similar to the sigelei boxes. Its comfortable in the hand and very light. Very Nice box mod here, guys.

Here it is with my Flashie V3.

Arrived bubble wrapped in a nice zipper case.

Lots of goodies inside, A charging cable, screwdriver, extra gold plated positive screw, manual and certificate.

Here's a closeup shot of the nice and bright, OLED display.

Here's a look at the mini USB port and ventilation holes.

Finally, here's a look inside & the back magnetic cover. The ridges make it very easy to slide on and off.

If your interested in the Dovpo mini 50watt mod, Cvapor offers free shipping and they ship within 24hours. The price is 66 dollarsand I'll update with a coupon code as soon as I receive one.  Thanks for looking, here's the link.

Reviews / VAPORSHARK RDNA 40 w/temp control
« on: April 10, 2015, 03:03:09 PM »
This thing is cool, my first time working with ni200, its like butter. No more dry hits or burnt cotton.  So soft and easy to mold but I've found that standard microcoils are a bit of a bitch when it comes to temperature control and old school spaced coils seem to work a whole lot better for some reason.  They did some upgrades to the original RDNA Vaporshard design....well only one that I can see besides the whole evolv DNA 40 temp control thing.....they took out the screw and put a fuckin' magnet in. Thank God.  I like vaporsharks and I have a several but I'm thinking maybe I'd like a DNA40 flask better...... not sure.

Thats right, fukkerz..... 1 watt.

It can get warm if you want it. 6-700 but I like it around 4-450 best

My first nickle build. .2ohm, nothing special.


You know how to get to vaporshark.com. I got no coupons for you. They're 190 bucks.

Reviews / The IPV mini II 70watt from Gearbest
« on: April 09, 2015, 02:03:02 PM »
This one made me put down the cloupor mini. Its a "bad bitch" as one fellow once said.
5-70watts. Single 18650, USB passthrough and charging capable. I'm not gonna get in detail cuz you guys don't give a fuck anyways but I've been wrapping my own Atlantis coils and I've got a twisted 26g .6ohm in it and using it on the IPV mini II....Its stellar.  Its also nice to have the wattage IF you want it, its there.

This is how it comes. device, manual, cert and charging cable.

Love the rounded side, the form factor is nice.

With my Atlantis.

A shot of the screen.

Here's a link if your interested. The price is 70 something bucks. I don't have a coupon code yet but I'll update when I do.

Reviews / SMY 260watts Box mod
« on: April 02, 2015, 10:57:42 AM »
Today I got vapemail again. This time it was the "God 180's big brother" SMY's 260 from gearbest.com. I'm glad SMY didn't give this one any labels but where could you go from "God" anyway? Why didn't they just go the extra power and call it the "God 360" or the "God II"? I don't know.....
    What I do know is this one is much more my style.  Another triple 18650 mod but this one is much more classy, much more sturdy and very well made, IMO. This one isn't plastic, its machined nicely, a full aircraft aluminium case with carbon fiber panels, a nice and clicky, metal fire button on the side and two counter sunk + & - buttons. No more accidental voltage changes. The screen which is almost exactly the same as the god 180 is hidden on the front with the SMY 260 mod, you can't actually see the screen until its activated by pressing the fire button 5 timrs.  The back panel is magnetic, ( thank God, I fk'ing hated having to find a screwdriver so I could take off the back and swap batteries )  Oh yea... and speaking of having to remove batteries...there's a USB port on the bottom of this one for inline battery charging. Pressing the fire button 3 times rapidly while the device is on gets you into the menu and the settings are pretty similar to the God 180 by SMY, easy to navigate except of course this one can hit a ridiculous 260watts!!

here's what all comes with it;  A USB charging cable, 2 screwdrivers, screws for the back (in case you want to screw the back cover on) microfiber cloth to wipe it down,( the carbon fiber looks like it can be a fingerprint magnet) Knucklehead swivel driptip, a length of what looks like 24g kanthal, owners manual and the nice case with a Clip on it. Troll rda does not come with.:)

For a big box mod, its pretty comfortable and I like the vent holes on the side that spell out SMY.

with my troll rda on top.

same reverse polarity protection in case you miss the huge +&- signs on the board.

nice adjustable copper 510.

here it is next to the God 180, as you can see, maybe just a smidge bigger but so much classier and better made.

If your interested in this insanity, here's a link.

This guy has a regular price of 272.00 marked down to 200.00
My coupon code SMY260 willget you this beast for 106.99

Modding / Re building your atlantis coil
« on: April 01, 2015, 11:02:59 AM »
Its very easy to do.  This time I used Twisted 26G and it came out almost perfect. As you can see I didnt wrap it vertical like the original, this way is much easier and works just as well.  Wicked with a little koh gen do ( Jap Cotton ) and its hitting like a champ.  If your using an atlantis, stop buying new coils for it and rebuild the ones you have!

Vape Talk / Free juice for everyone!!
« on: April 01, 2015, 10:58:57 AM »
You know what day it is.............

Reviews / My video review of the SMY God 180 mod from Gearbest
« on: March 18, 2015, 01:47:10 PM »

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